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Surfboat Pro FAQ’s

Welcome to the Surfboat Pro Charter FAQ page! Here, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about your upcoming Maldivian surf adventure. 

Whether you’re curious about the boat, the conditions, or the trip details, we’re confident you’ll find the information you need. If your question isn’t covered here, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re available on WhatsApp or email, and we’re always happy to chat about carving your dream lines in paradise.

Let’s get stoked!

Frequently asked questions

Checklist before departure

Here’s a little checklist in order to help you prepare your trip

  • Surfboards. Most people bring 2 or 3 boards with them. You standard board (shortboard, hybrid, or intermediate rider board), and then either something fun and something when it gets a bit bigger
  • Fins, leash, wax
  • Board shorts
  • Ding repair (we usually have stuff on the boat, but you never know)
  • Sun screen
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • USD in cash to buy drinks and for tips for the crew (if you like them, but trust us, you will); there is no need to have local currency, as USD are generally accepted with a fixed conversion rate
  • Insurance (accident insurance, repatriation insurance)
  • Booties (not required, but you may prefer to have some booties depending on your surf level and your habits)
  • Surf hat (if you want to surf at lunch time)
  • Check the visa requirements (see FAQ section)
  • Update your electronic devices (see FAQ section regarding Internet)
What surf level is required?

The waves break over reef. However, there is always enough water on the reef at takeoff, so you do not have to be an expert. Actually, the waves are ideal to perfect your surfing.

There are all kind of waves, left handers, right handers, easy waves, barreling waves, something for everybody.

And when it gets big, we always find a place for you to surf if you do not want to go for it. And given that we have 12 hours of surf per day, we can accommodate everyone on the boat.

Booking of domestic flights

Usually we book the domestic flights to and from the Huvadhoo atoll. The reasons we prefer to book the flights for you are as follows:

  • It is part of our service to you
  • Sometimes we use the Kooddoo airport, sometimes the Kaadedhdhoo airport, depending on where the waves are better; it means that we can changes the flights on short notice to offer you the best surfing experience
  • Sometimes the flight times change (a bit earlier, a bit later) on short notice, and we can make sure that we and that you are made aware of this.

Please note that on the trip 1, there is only one flight, as the trip starts in Male and ends in the Huvadhoo atoll.

The domestic flight is not included in the price. We will charge you the flight at the price we pay it.

Single vs. group bookings

Unlike many safari boats, we accept single bookings. So if you are alone, do not hesitate and join us.

We have many many recurring customers. Actually, most of the people on the boat at any give time have been with us at least one other time.

What does this mean? It simply means that you will enjoy it, you will not be with narrow minded people, but with people who like what we do, you like to share, who like to spend a great time together.

If you are a group? No worries, you can book a trip with your pals as well.

Internet and Phone

We provide Internet on Blue Shark. We have a wireless wifi router to which you have access. As there are no unlimited Internet packages, we only ask you to use the Internet in a fair manner (no Netflix, and other video sites) and to turn off all automatic updates on your iPhone, Android phone, Laptops. So please update your devices before you arrive on the boat and if you like to watch movies, please bring them with you instead of streaming them.

So no worries, you can make Facebook and Instagram posts with your best moments with us. And you can even work in case you have to.

If you have to make a lot of phone calls while you are in the Maldives, we recommend that you bring a second phone and buy a SIM card upon arrival. There are two phone companies in the Maldives, Dhiraagu and ooredoo. Check their rates on their websites. Both have shops at the International airport in Male. One recommendation: hurry up upon arrival, go there immediately, otherwise you have to wait in line.

If you want your private Internet connection, you can also buy Internet packages with these phone companies. We use SIM cards from both, as the quality of the coverages depends on the location. So we cannot give you a clear recommendation on which one to use for the Internet.

Overnight stay in Male
In case that you have or want to spend the night in Male, you have three main choices:
1. Airport
On the airport island you will find one hotel, the hulhule island hotel. It is the most expensive solution, but you can have alcohol (it is the only place that offers it), there is a pool, massage, beach, bar, etc., and it is very conveniently located.
2. Male
This is touristically the best solution, but you have to take the ferry from the airport hotel to Male. Very cheap, and every 15 minutes. You can leave the luggage at the international airport if you do not want to carry it to Male. There are many hotels in Male. You will find a wide choice on Tripadvisor and
3. Hulhumale
Hulhumale is the second most practical choice, as this is an island connected by a road to the airport. There are buses and taxis to go there, and several hotels that offer standard quality rooms with Wifi etc. Here also, I would recommend to check on Tripadvisor and

Every inhabited island in the Maldives has a pharmacy, a doctor, a small clinic or a hospital. We are always maximum 1/2 hour away from the next inhabited island, so we can make sure that everybody gets the best care if something happens.

Further, we are on a boat, and everything is clean. So the risk of infection with reef cuts is really low. And we have a medical kit on the boat.

There are no mosquitos on the boat. There can be mosquitos on the islands, however, but for as long as you do not go there, there is no problem. And, there is no malaria on the Maldives.

Finally, in a worst case scenario, we can call a rescue plane at any time, to bring you safely to Male.

Number of people, room occupancy

We usually do not accept more that 10 to 12 guests on the boat. There is plenty of space for more, actually we could accommodate more than 18 persons, but we choose not to.

Given that we have 8 or 9 rooms (sometimes we have to use one room for supplies), you will either be in a single room or in a double room. If you want to be guaranteed to have a single room, we can ensure that you will get one against a small upgrade fee.

If you are a girl, do not worry, we will not put you in a room with a guy.

Activities besides surfing

We will spend most of the time surfing, eating and sleeping. That is exactly how a good surf trip should be like.

But, we can do other stuff as well, including:

  • snorkelling
  • island discovery (uninhabited paradise islands, inhabited islands with small villages, resorts)
  • BBQ
  • Maldivian dinner on the boat
  • diving: in case you want to dive, please let us know in advance and we will get the equipment; we sometimes bring equipment, sometimes not
  • whale shark watching (we however need to be in an area where there are some
Photo & Video

All the pictures and videos on this website were taken on surfboat. We sometimes have photographers on board, but it is always a good idea to also bring your equipment with you.

Visa and Arrival Formalities

Usually, if you are from Europe, you will not need a visa for stays of up to 30 days. BUT PLEASE CHECK IN ADVANCE, because for some countries visas may be required.

We will inform you about the immigration formalities prior to flying to the Maldives. 


We highly recommend that you bring USD in cash with you. The locals prefer to receive USD that their local currency MVR, and the exchange rate is fix, so you won’t have to bargain over the exchange rates.

You cannot retrieve USD at most of the local ATMs, and you do not want to get stuck with MVR at the end of your trip.

On the boat, only cash is accepted (for non-included beverages). Further, it is customary to pays tips for the crew, so you may want to bring a bit of extra cash for that. And believe us, you will be happy to leave them something at the end of the trip.